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Clerical Home Jobs

We've screened over 300 home-based employers which translates to hundreds of home office job opportunities that include, desktop publishing, data entry, word processing, home typists, editing,  medical transcription, bookkeeping, claims processing, researchers, translation and more!  This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking for clerical work to do at home.  Don't miss out on this incredible offer to make a good income working at home. These jobs are updated on a regular basis and all contact information is provided you. Available online only.  Click here to order.

Open A Party & Event Planning Service

Whether you choose to plan a Mardi-gras -- Chinese New Years - Who Done Its - Chuckles the Clown -A Halloween Spook Event and of course Birthday - Christmas – All Holidays – Office Parties, or you may choose to specialize in children's parties, just know that you can plan virtually any theme, anywhere, any time. The only restrictions are in your imagination and, of course, the client's budget! Visit Agileoffices.ca for part time office in Toronto and become closer to your clients.  More here

Be A Virtual Assistant

If you can type, this is for you! With the cost of doing business increasing daily, smart business owners realize it's no longer to their advantage to pay full time employees a high salary, plus all the expensive benefits they demand. Instead, today's business owners know they can save money by using a virtual assistant. Everything yo need to do is to know the selection of products and services of the company you are working with. For example if you are dealing with companies related to replacement windows such as Windowscanada.com you need to be aware of the windows materials, structure, warranty in order to be able to answer to any questions of the customer. Use your typewriter or a computer, add a good word processing program and off you go to a successful new career in business for yourself!!  This is a great way to earn extra cash while staying home with the kids. You can earn as much as $500+ a day and more! More info here

Open an online store!

This work is not an easy one, but can be a good start-up business. Here are a lot of points to take into account like:

  • making the website and promoting it;
  • selecting the supplier or making the products by yourself(hand made jewelery, toys, soap, clothes);
  • finding the reliable commercial storage like Globalwhse.com warehousing company in Toronto for keeping your products, that will be close to your home;
  • making the research about the potential clients;
  • utilizing technology-based creative ideas offered by a digital marketing agency for better online presence of your brand.

To deepen into the process of web-site creation, you can start attending computer graphics design course in Toronto College of Business, Science and Technology. Just in a couple of weeks you will be able to create your own designs and easily run your business!

If you would like to open an online store, one of the best ideas will be open an online store which sells shoes and their accessories. Here you can read an YourLifeafter25 article which tells their readers about that.

If you are good in the sciense of law, you ca beome a private lawyer and most of time give distant consultations from home. Of course, to get constant flow of clients you need to become as professional as durham accident lawyers.

Good luck! The ideas for your own business from home were offered by experts from specializing in business loans.

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