About Us

We're constantly searching the marketplace in order to assist you in finding the perfect home-based job opportunity and we do it better than anyone else at the lowest prices on the Internet - or anywhere else for that matter!

It's been several years now since our team sat around the kitchen table and came up with the idea of helping others by finding companies that hire home-based workers.  Ten years ago, those companies were few and far between.   

As of late 2004, we have discontinued offering over 900 home-based employers jobs in our Online Edition as this market has literally dried up - along with the American job market country wide.  We're sorry to see thousands of American jobs being sent overseas and leaving thousands of our able and willing workers out of work in this country!!!

Our initial criteria was that we wanted to offer a number of jobs in a variety of fields for the skilled, physically challenged and the unskilled.  (You see, that meant that we could all work from home, too, which was our initial intention!)

But, as a result of our efforts, we are here today, honest, successful, and ready and willing with the information you need to make an informed choice when searching for your perfect home-based business opportunity!

Our web site was designed to demonstrate the wide range of opportunities available today.  

Now you, too, can join the over 50 million other happy, productive, creative Americans and work from the privacy and comfort of your own castle sooner than you might expect! 

You're probably already familiar with all the benefits that working from your own home provide like, choosing your own hours, taking long lunch and coffee breaks, being free to wear whatever you like, being home with your children, getting off freeway parking lots, plus all the money you save in child care costs, car repairs, lunches out and on and on the savings go plus some real tax advantages, too.