Free Home Biz Ideas

If the entrepreneur in you is looking for a business of your own, here are a few ideas for you to get going with very little money but for huge rewards. Let your imagination fly and see where it takes you! And for the development and expansion of business use the services Thinking Capital.

Here's a unique idea.   Specialize in creating written, personal memoirs and family histories. and personally interview client/s in the comfort and convenience of their own homes (or another setting of their choosing). Inscribe their life stories in a uniquely handcrafted book. Clients receive a personalized memory book, a copy of the original interview audio tape so that they can preserve their unique voice, and for those who wish, a computer disk with the fully transcribed interview. This makes an elegant gift for grandparents, parents of the bride or groom, anniversaries, or any occasion where one wishes to share special remembrances with loved ones. It is a chance to preserve one's heritage and create a legacy for now and for generations to come

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Designer Pet Houses

People love to spoil their pets. Why not cash in on the idea? Create custom kitty homes, or dog houses that look just like the owners home!

Baby-Proofing Service

More and more parents have less and less time, this type of service would be perfect for them. Also, many new parents may not know all of the dangers in their house. You could help them make their home safe for their new babies! You could cross your services thru lamaze coaches, OB/GYNs, hospitals, and more!

Directory Publisher

This is a good idea especially for those that live in tourist towns, or places that are rapidly growing. Advertisers could include: restaurants, hotels/motels, bed & breakfasts, theaters, even local businesses!

Hauling Service

Folks sure do make messes, but they don't like to clean up. This is where you come in, and haul everything away. Be sure to charge in addition to what the dump will charge you!

Bicycle Repair

How many people have bikes sitting in their garage not being ridden because they are in disrepair? Well, I for one am guilty of this. Make extra money doing these repairs.

Automobile repair

If you are a handy man and you like helping people with their cars, consider the idea of having a small repair station in your gagrage. But it is important to provide unique services, if you want to get a big benefit. For example, you can visit the website and check custom automotive parts for your future clients. If you are already engaged in this business, you should think about expanding with car finance.

Home Plan Designer

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be an architect to plan homes. There are many software programs out there that will help you draw up beautiful home plans.

Custom details

Do you like to create something unusual? Consider checking flat springs for your next DIY project. We are very happy to help our users with their creative and brave ideas!

If you have a knack for writing business plans, this may be a profitable business for you. I had a hard time finding any start up information for this type of business, but I know there are people doing it. My best advice is to find a niche to work within, and go from there.

Private detective

If you like investigations and revealing secrets, then work of a detective may suit you. It's a very complicated job requiring high attentiveness, smart brain and the ability of non-standard thinking. To get closer to the principles of such work, you can hire a private detective from a reliable cmpany and watch how he performs his investigation. It will give you the basic knowledge of the matter.

Community Greeting Service

Local businesses will pay you to prepare gift bags filled with their brochures, coupons and freebies and deliver them to people who have just moved to the area or who are celebrating a special event (birthdays, anniversaries etc). This is REAL fun and easy to do. Getting started, begin by driving around and ask (or send out a flyer to small businesses) if they would be interested in advertising their business through a community greeting service. Basically, you would take their own flyers, coupons and freebies (or you could offer to make a flyer for them) and put them in a cute decorative bag (you can do this however you like) and distribute them to new neighbors or special occasions. People will be happy to see you knocking on the door, you are not selling anything, just giving them a bag of goodies! Then you would charge the company a flat monthly rate of distributing their ads. I would charge anywhere from $30-$50 per month per business. If you had 10 businesses participating at $50.00 per month that is $500 a month! Not to bad! Plus you can take your children with you! You can also get your older kids to help out, by packing the bags and even going to the door with you. Adds a nice touch! Your Expenses If you have a computer with a good printer you are already half way there. Advertising costs (by mailing out or handing out) flyers to businesses will be pretty low. You can get copies made really cheap. Also consider doing a an ad in local newspaper (classifieds) or the Internet. You need to buy the gift bags and any additional decorations you would like to add (confetti, bows, balloons etc). If the business wants you to make a coupon or flyer for them that will cost you to make, print and copy. Charge accordingly! Businesses eat up this service, so expect to get business right away. Don't be shy! The best thing to do is make a gift bag and show it to the businesses in the community. That way they see it first hand and will most likely want to be a part of it! Good Luck!
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Personal Shopper

This one is fun and easy, the only requirement is a vehicle. It is no illusion that the elderly need help. Especially when they are no longer able to drive. Most, still live on their own and are actually pretty active. What this service would entail is doing personal shopping for the elderly or disabled. If you needed some items from the grocery store or from Wal-Mart but were unable to drive or had no vehicle you would need some help. Simply you would take a list from this person, either pick it up personally or write it down over the phone and go shopping. Shop, drop off and get paid. You could even take the person along with you and help them shop if you like (or if they prefer). Getting Started If you have a computer, make cute flyers or mailers and distribute them either by hand or mail to "senior homes". These could include senior apartments or senior communities. You can even post them in nursing homes. Advertise that you will help them get their personal needs met (grocery shopping, personal items, prescriptions).   If you have a washer and dryer at home you can even charge to do laundry if you want.  Many elderly LOVE to shop but are restricted due to a vehicle. You can even take your kids along (the elderly love kids). I would charge according to the time and gas it will take. You can charge by the hour or by the effort. I think I would charge by the hour, let's say $10.00 per hour which includes gas. You can charge more or less it's up to you! I think this would be a great business with a healthy profit. If you do decide to take along the person, consider the liabilities (in case of an accident) you might even want to print up a legal document releasing you of any "liabilities."  If you like to shop then this is the job for you. Starting up costs would depend on how you want to advertise (classified ads, newspapers, flyer.)  You could even offer a "freebie" to sweeten the deal. But anyway you do it I am sure it will be a huge success

Gift Basket Business

Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays--at one time or another, everyone needs to buy gifts. When consumers can't find the perfect present, who comes to the rescue? Gift-basket entrepreneurs, of course. Do you have that creative touch? Designing gift baskets can be fun and profitable! Gift-basket entrepreneurs buy gift items and baskets, use an artistic flair to package them attractively, then find creative ways to market their eye-catching creations to others. The gift-basket industry has been going strong for nearly 15 years, and the outlook continues to be bright. "Annual sales for gift baskets totaled about $800 million in 1996, up from $700 million in 1992. It's certainly a growing industry," says Kathy Horak, editor of Gift Basket Review.  A recent survey by the magazine reveals the majority of American gift-basket designers in business at least one year boast annual sales of $50,000 or more.

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