Medical Billing

Is it right for you?

Weighing The Pros & Cons

We are frequently asked the following question:

"Someone told me that if I wanted to work from home, I should seriously look into Medical Billing. They said the money is great and I can do this from home. What do you think?"

Our Answer:

When you can find a job with specialized skills such as medical knowledge or terminology, you're on the road to telecommuting success. We constantly advise job hunters that the quickest way to find an at-home job is to acquire a specialized skill that is in demand!

About Medical Billing:

We've found that the promise in the field of medical billing is not what it's cracked up to be. Before investing in any medical billing and claims offers, do this; call medical offices listed in your local yellow pages and ask them several questions:

1. What type of billing service do you use.
2. What software do you use?
3. Do any of your employees telecommute?
4. Do you use an independent billing service and can I have that number?

When you get the billing service number call and ask them questions 1 through 3.

Now, call insurance agencies, using the yellow pages once again, and ask them the exact same questions.

Most likely you will find disappointing answers to your questions. You may find that there are large medical billing and claims facilities that do nothing but process billing and claims and most doctors and insurance agencies use these companies. You will also find that the software used by these billing companies is custom designed and programmed. And that this software costs anywhere from $700 to tens of thousands of dollars. Also many medical offices wouldn't even think of sending or storing confidential medical information to someone's home.

Think about this, would you feel comfortable if your medical facility, your doctor, family dentist Markham or psychologist sent your personal confidential medical and mental information over the internet, over the phone or in writing to the hands of some stranger's home? Would you want your information sitting on the desk of someone's home for anyone to see? Let's go one step further with this scenario, if someone's medical information got out into the wrong hands (the media or whomever) that institution or that doctor would be sued. And in our opinion the patient would be in his/her full rights to do so!

It's always your choice what you do with your money, but unless you are highly qualified, this may not be for you.  Weigh the pros and cons and then make your own decision. Still, remember that it's alwayss better to prevent any health problems, so take care about your health, wear only comfortable Pikolinos shoes, visit your dentist regularly and live a healthy lifestyle.

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